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Get direct access to over-the-counter trading that fits your transaction size and frequency, with competitive rates and deep liquidity

Unlock new markets

How your business
can leverage stable coin brokerage

Stablecoin trading history
  • Effortlessly exchange funds between fiat and stable coins

    Experience seamless trading with robust liquidity in a multitude of stable coin markets. We’ll deliver on your Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading requirements at the most competitive rates*

  • Provide premium digital currency solutions to your users

    Our digital currency experts can help you deliver more value to your users with a variety of digital currency solutions, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance.

  • Streamlined treasury management

    Our dedicated trading team will seamlessly convert your funds into stablecoins with no transaction cap. Set your conversion thresholds, 
and we'll handle the execution

  • Automated trade execution via API

    Leverage our high-performance REST API to gain access to real-time market rate data, obtain quotes and conduct trades with assured execution

How it works

Seamless crypto-fiat conversion
through the method of your choice

Step 1: Onboard
Contact us for a smooth, guided onboarding experience
Step 2: API or Concierge
Receive your API keys or opt for our expert concierge trading service
Step 3: Fund Account
Deposit funds to your account to start your  journey
Step 4: Trade
With your account funded, you're all set to trade
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“We've been genuinely impressed with Crisscross's OTC desk. Their team made the conversion of stable coins to fiat currency in Africa both straightforward and cost-effective. It's refreshing to see such a keen understanding of the regional financial landscape, which has not only simplified our transactions but also brought notable cost savings. This partnership has been a solid win for us at Wildfire Capital.”

Ross Burnam, WildFire Capital

Use Cases

These are the types of businesses that benefit from our product

Multinational corporations

Utilise stable coins to facilitate rapid, cost-effective global value transfer.
Investment platforms
Boost your offering with diverse crypto asset investments and increased liquidity at competitive rates.
International PSPs
Provide your merchants with top-tier rates and accelerated settlement times.
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Supported Currencies

We offer trading and settlement in a variety of fiat currencies and stable coins


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Stable Coins

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