Accept digital
on your platform

Accept payments via major cryptocurrencies, directly from crypto wallets or via popular exchanges, and get settled in fiat.
We’ll manage the volatility risk.

Reach more customers

How your business
can leverage Pay with Crypto

iphone making a crypto payment
  • Stand out from competition

    Offer more ways to pay. Give customers the option to transact using 
the cryptocurrency of their choice, and settle in your chosen fiat or digital currency

  • Reduce volatility of crypto transactions

    Crypto is automatically and instantly converted into local currency of your choice, so you don’t have to

  • Streamline transactions via API

    Use our REST API for seamless payment requests, disbursements and pre-built, customisable payment flows. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency and optimal settlement method

  • Get instant notifications via webhook

    Keep a pulse on the status of your payments with personalised webhook notifications

How It Works

Ready? This is how to start accepting crypto

Step 1: Onboarding
Reach out and our team will guide you through a straightforward setup process
Step 2: Integration with Test Credentials
Receive your test credentials and integrate them into your system
Step 3: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Confirm everything works perfectly, simulating real transactions in a controlled environment
Step 4: Go Live
Once you're all set to go live. Start accepting crypto payments with confidence and ease.
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"We're really glad we went with Crisscross for their crypto acceptance solution. Their team's deep expertise and the wide range of products they offer have made a huge difference in how we handle digital currency transactions at Stitch. Dealing with cryptocurrencies can get tricky, but the folks at Crisscross have made it so much easier for us. They're great at reducing risks and making the whole crypto acceptance process smooth and efficient. Thanks to this partnership, some of our biggest merchants now have a real edge over their competition."

Priyen Pillay, Head of Engineering at Stitch

Use Cases

These types of businesses benefit from crypto acceptance

Gaming platforms

Fuel user engagement by offering the flexibility to top up their accounts using their preferred cryptocurrency.
Online market places & e-commerce businesses
Broaden your customer reach and elevate your value proposition by integrating diverse payment options, including cryptocurrencies.
International PSPs
Provide your merchants with the ability to accept crypto payments alongside your existing offering, served through one single integration to your customers.
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Wallet Coverage

We’ve integrated with the biggest exchanges and wallet providers worldwide to give your users the best possible payment experience.

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